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Trading Calculators

Trading Calculators: Use our online financial calculators to compare loans, and calculate various indices
Our Currency and CFD trading calculator helps you decide your trade’s specifics before you take action

Pivot point calculator

The price pivot point calculator is a technical analysis tool for the prices of traded financial instruments
that help you to obtain support and resistance levels and are called “pivot points”.

The calculation is done through calculations of the opening price, the closing price,
the highest price, and the lowest price together in a specified period of time.

The pivot point calculator is important for determining market exit points as well.

Position size calculator

The position size calculator enables you to determine the contract size to be followed
when opening trades in order to reduce risk preemptively.

The position size calculator will also determine for you the amount that you will risk or
the percentage of risk to the capital in your trading account.

This calculator is one of the most important tools to calculate and mitigate risk, so do not disregard it.

Fibonacci calculator

The Fibonacci calculator is used to calculate the retracement levels of instruments’ price
movement in the global financial markets.

The Fibonacci calculator measures retracements and extensions based on the extreme points
on the graph of the financial instrument whose prices are to be analyzed and traded.

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