Trading Hours

Evest trading hours

Timing trades and investments is essential to success

Financial assets have different times when you can engage them depending on the category of the asset and the market it’s listed in. CFDs on the other hand have maturity dates.

Market hours (KSA time GMT +2)


Market Hours
Stocks Commodities Indices Currencies
Market Market open Market close Daily break
Chicago Mon 9:00 AM Fri 17:00 PM 12:30 – 13:30
London Mon 9:00 AM Fri 17:00 PM 12:30 – 13:30
Tokyo Mon 9:00 AM Fri 17:00 PM 12:30 – 13:30


  • The daily break is actually the lunch break where trading stops during that time. You cannot trade during that time but you can pre-set your trades during that time. Note that trading hours may extend or be cut depending on the level of liquidity available.
Expiration of CFDs

CFD maturity means the date and time where the CFD is no longer effective to trade on. Some CFDs have 15 days maturity date some have monthly and some have yearly. If you happen to have a trade opened on a CFD at the time of maturity, either the trade will close automatically or the trade will be rolled over to the next contract with a new maturity date and time. The rollover process is subject to rollover fees.

  1. The expiration dates are constantly changing
  2. On the maturity date, the open trades will be closed 15 minutes before the daily break.
  3. Rolling over your trades is subject to rollover fees


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