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What is Evest Analytics?

Evest Analytics is an AI-based technology that revolutionizes equity analysis by continuously analyzing the fundamental data of publicly traded stocks worldwide. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Evest Analytics delivers valuable insights in natural language, empowering users to make more informed investment decisions. It automates data collection and analysis, providing real-time, accurate information for analysis.

With Evest Analytics, users can take their equity analysis to the next level. This tool translates complex financial data into easily understandable insights using natural language processing. It presents comprehensive information on financial metrics, market trends, industry comparisons, and more, enabling users to gain a deeper understanding of stocks they are interested in. By incorporating advanced AI algorithms, Evest Analytics identifies hidden patterns, correlations, and anomalies in the data, helping users uncover new investment opportunities and potential risks.

Evest Analytics goes beyond traditional analysis by providing continuous monitoring and real-time updates on market developments. It keeps users informed about financial reports, news events, and market sentiment that may impact their investment decisions. This allows users to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and adjust their strategies accordingly. With Evest Analytics, users can leverage AI-driven insights to make better-informed decisions and potentially improve their investment outcomes.

FAQs about Evest Analytics

The ability of each of us to process huge amounts of information, efficiently and qualitatively, and of course quickly, is limited. Beyond the obvious speed of software compared to manual analysis, our algorithm has the ability to examine millions of data points every day, provide conclusions, and explain them in simple language. This can help you optimize the analysis and provide you with fast and high-quality conclusions about each company

The division is conducted in two stages. First, all companies are divided into sectors, and then into subgroups: geographic location, market capitalization and industries. There are about 252 fundamental parameters which the system ranks according to the highest chance of each parameter to influence each sector. In addition, the score of each company will be determined in a comparative manner against the competitors from the same sector to which it belongs

A company whose market value is greater than 10 million US dollars, on the day of publication of the report.

Each share will always be associated with a certain sector (a total of 11 sectors according to MSCI's GICS rating). The minimum for each reference group is 4 companies - no less. Company rankings exist in every sector.

There are 4 types of recommendations (strong buy | buy | hold | underperform) which are normally distributed within the reference group.

The top 5% will recieve- Strong buy

The 15% after will receive - Buy

The 60% after them will receive - Hold

And the last 20% will receive - Underperform

The system is not an alternative for analysts and investment advisors, but was made in order to give them a higher value through advanced technological tools. Evest Analytics is the technological research company with the most advanced capabilities in the world to analyze all global stocks, and to provide an easy-to-read reports in an elegant and simple way to empower consultants and analysts and assist them in their decision-making.

The report is updated twice a day.

The recommendation changes according to circumstances and predetermined parameters. The system re-examines the company's data in relation to the share price every day, so in the event of a significant change in the share price, its relative ranking can change.

If the company reports a significant event to the stock exchange, it will appear in a section called "Corporate Events". If not, we will not see a mention of this in our report, but it can have an effect on the recommendation. At the current stage, the system does not send "push" updates about the changes in the reports.

Yes, it will always be displayed in the report and the two best and least good parameters will always be displayed relatively. Later in the report there is a section of "significant data", where there is a detailed part on specific parameters from the profit and loss reports, the balance sheet and the cash flow. In addition, parameters may be added according to choice.

When we analyze a company, we will analyze it with at least four other companies to get the most accurate analysis. In a case of a small market , where there are not enough companies to compare, the system will search to find similar industries. If there are no similar industries, the system will look for similar sectors with similar market capitalization. If sufficient information cannot be found at this stage either, the system will conduct a comparison against different geographic regions.

All fields in the report appear regularly for each analysis of each company. It is important to say that the summary changes according to the specific analysis of the company. We continue to work and develop the platform, so in the near future the summary will be upgraded.